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Construction engineer, Foreman, operator, translator в Балканабате

ищу работу в Балканабате, Хазаре, Балканабате, 5 000 ман.
Hojamyradov Dovran 42 года, Мары, высшее образование
+993 65 89-XX-XX

Опыт работы

Technical translator
2 года 2 мес янв 2016 - мар 2018
NCGS, Hazar
2 года 2 мес янв 2016 - мар 2018
Verbal and written Translation of technical documentations, meetings and e-mail corresponding.
Construction engineer
3 года 1 мес дек 2012 - янв 2016
Mert Hossar, Mary
3 года 1 мес дек 2012 - янв 2016
Research and overview the assigned location, checking and analysing of geodesic layout. Estimating the cost and duration of project. Organizing mobilization of equipment and providing manpower with temporary camp, messing, PPE, medical aid, transportation and with other consumables. Following the scope of work based on contractual agreement. Submitting to client with all related documents prior to start of work and detailed work plan for the activities and detailed list of manpower’s qualifications. Preparing and submitting to client requested material approvals which procured to site. Conducting the builder's diary, concrete log, reporting to the management with F-2 and time sheet for manpower attendance on daily bases. Monitoring of compliance of HSE norms at the site. Organizing and collecting laboratory’s compaction test, concrete samples for compressive strength test prior of casting. Making Inspection of quality of work as per client’s quality policy and contract’s technical specifications. Inviting client’s technical staffs to the site for implementing acts of hidden works. Managing and being responsible for all activities as per contract time validation, cost estimation, and detailed technical specifications.
Technical translator
2 года 11 мес янв 2010 - дек 2012
CCGI, Mary
2 года 11 мес янв 2010 - дек 2012
Translating documents, reports, official letters, blanks, company internal orders, mails and other correspondence with local officials into English. Summarizing the subject of contract. Interpreting verbally the meetings. Good knowledge of offshore and onshore terminologies used for oil & gas fields.
QA & QC engineer
11 мес фев 2009 - янв 2010
Mert Hossar, Yoloten
11 мес фев 2009 - янв 2010
Conducting Incoming control, MOT. Implementing quality control as per company’s and client’s quality policy and requirements. Conducting and recording inspection at the site. Monitoring all required laboratory tests such as: density of soil in place, field concrete sampling and testing logs, approvals of construction materials. Cancel or stop the work where is deficiencies remains. Surveillance and reporting punch list if some deficiency.  Providing technical support for the staffs at site with drawings, RFI, and other guidance. Invite client’s quality representatives and conduct together quality related activities. Reporting senior management about work performance.
Senior Coordinator of Legal Issues and HR
5 лет 5 мес сен 2003 - фев 2009
Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mary
5 лет 5 мес сен 2003 - фев 2009

Высшее образование

International Turkmen-Turkish University, Ashgabat
4 года 9 мес сен 1996 - июн 2001

Знание языков

Английский - продвинутый, Русский - продвинутый, Турецкий - продвинутый

Дополнительная информация


Номер резюме: 89 | просмотров: 697

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Bagirov Adyl Ramilewich
4 апреля 2020
Abdyrakhymova Arzygul Babakulovna
Translater/teacher  25 000 ман.
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Alashayev K., 25 лет, Мары  |  Высшее образование
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Без опыта работы. Образование: North China Electric Power university, Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Beijing 2013 - 2017, As a motivated individual engineer with great education background who is committed to deliver the highest quality service in challenging environments.
23 марта 2020
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